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Our Approach

At Amplio Data we have a "Four Phased Approach" to working with you.

  1. Consultation
  2. Road Mapping
  3. Implementation
  4. Ongoing Support / Management


The essence of our approach comes from an understanding of your business. During the consultation period we work closely alongside out clients to build an accurate picture of how you currently work. Within this we acknowledge the real issues being faced and develop an understanding of the strengths, weaknesses and where you would like to get to.

We believe in an open and honest approach with communication at the forefront. Our commercial experience of business and our expertise within the world of data enables us to understand your needs as well as help identify solutions if this is needed.

Road Mapping

Once consultation has taken place and a thorough understanding of your needs has been gained the analysis part of the process begins. There will be a detailed assessment of the current situation before road mapping possible solutions.

Whether solutions are easily identified or more complex with multiple projects we will road map the best route to your desired outcome. All factors such as timescales and priorities are factored in to provide a realistic plan to be tailored and delivered to suit your needs.


During the consultation period an understanding will be gained of the timescales and priorities for implementation. Objectives and milestones are planned during the analysis and road mapping phases to ensure the smooth and suitable implementation of your needs.

The implementation phase is designed to suit you. Whether we liaise and train you to implement these projects internally or deliver these directly. Regardless of what is implemented and by whom, our approach ensures that all projects are completed to the same high standards.

Ongoing Support / Management

The reason databases decay is that things are constantly evolving. Not all organisations are in the position to be able to have someone managing their database full time, but also, the majority of the time there is not the need to have a full time head count for this purpose.

We are able to offer this service as a partner who knows your data and process inside out. There is no need to brief us on how things work as we will always make sure we are up to speed on your current situation.